Current HNCA Programs

Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness (OHANCA®) Program

In terms of public awareness and early detection, OHANCA® is our flagship program. HNCA partners with medical and dental clinics worldwide to offer FREE screenings and awareness programs for their local community. When detection at stages 1 and 2, the survival rate is over 80%; however more than half of all cases are found at later stages. When caught at a later stage, survival is less and side effects of treatment are much more significant. The number of international sites participating has nearly doubled since 2016. In 2017, more than 20 countries joined HNCA to offer free screenings in their local communities. In the U.S., 350-plus medical and dental clinics registered for 2017 OHANCAW®.

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Smash Cancer

Smash Cancer is an annual fundraiser started by The Howard Family, who lost both of their parents to head and neck cancer. This successful fundraiser has raised more than 100,000 in the past 6 years for the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance and provides gas cards for head and neck cancer patients needing financial help during treatment.

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Gas Card Program

HNCA understands that transportation costs may prevent a patient from receiving treatment. Due to generosity of three donors, HNCA offers a limited supply of $50 gas cards to help patients cover transportation costs to their medical facility. The application is HIPPA-compliant and is certified by a clinician/social worker then reviewed by an HNCA staff member for approval.

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HNCA HeadsUp! Social Media Campaign

Designed specifically for head and neck cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers, the HNCA HeadsUp! Campaign allows individuals to personalize a HeadsUp! message about their own cancer journey and what they wish others to know about head and neck cancer.

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Your Cancer Game Plan

YCGP is a health education campaign featuring NFL Pro Football Hall of Famer and head and neck cancer survivor, Jim Kelly. The campaign focuses on helping cancer patients and their loved ones tackle their emotional, nutritional and communication needs, and encourages people with head and neck cancer and their loved ones to make a “game plan” to support their cancer journey.

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Corporate Grant/Sponsorship

HNCA thanks our many corporate sponsors for their ongoing dedication to HNCA, head and neck cancer patients, survivors and caregivers. There are many opportunities available to support HNCA and our vital programs. To learn more about our customizable-sponsorships, please contact

Patient Education Programs

Patient Education Programs are initiatives designed to empower patients, caregivers, survivors with comprehensive knowledge of head and neck cancer to help them stay informed.

Clinician Education

We partner with various organizations to provide webinars, materials and/or web content on oral, head and neck cancer. From prevention to detection to treatment to research.

Nutrition Program

Nutrition and appetite can be negatively affected by cancer treatments. For oral, head and neck cancer patients and survivors, obtaining adequate nutrition can be challenging because of surgery and/or cancer treatment.

Our program consists of shared recipes, nutrition tips, recipe contests (you may even win a Vitamix blender) and materials for distribution at health facilities and via social media.

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Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials are important in saving lives and improving treatment options. As part of our Health Education Initiatives, we provide information on what clinical trials involve to help you decide if this might be a possible option. We provide information about clinical trials to help patients, caregivers and the public understand what’s involved in taking part. Learning all you can about clinical trials can help you talk with your doctor and make a decision that is right for you.

Research is a HIGH PRIORITY – Our HNCA Ambassadors may be available to help with clinical trial development, protocol and/or recruitment.

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#OperationOral Project

In an effort to minimize the impact of HPV related head and neck cancers on a younger generation, we have partnered with the partner with the Dental School at the Medical University of South Carolina to educate teenagers and young adults on the prevalence of HPV and the importance of getting vaccinated.

This social media campaign entitled #OperationOral follows two dental students from MUSC as they attend various social venues throughout multiple states including Colorado, Montana and California to name a few, as they interact directly with their cohort. #OperationOral will provide free screenings as well as easy to read health education materials to kids and young adults to make them aware this disease. Visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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HNCA Ambassador Program (Formerly the Speaker’s Bureau)

At the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance (HNCA), we strive to empower patients and survivors to share their journeys by understanding their disease, managing their treatment plan, celebrating their milestones and moving forward.

The HNCA Ambassadors are dedicated saving lives! Our ambassadors has 4 specific areas:

  1. To participate in community or corporate events to raise awareness.
  2. To assist with research by participating in clinical trial development, recruitment, and etc.
  3. To talk with corporations and researchers on their cancer journey.
  4. Survivorship – what happens now…

Our ambassadors are cancer patients, survivors and/or caregivers whose inspirational journeys give true meaning to what happens when you are diagnosed with cancer, during and post-treatment. Our ambassadors are available for meetings, events, conducting research on patient journeys and/or designing clinical protocols. If your organization is hosting an event, conducting research on patient journeys or designing clinical protocols, contact HNCA at or fill the online request form to identify one or more ambassador(s).

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