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What We Do

With our Head & Neck Cancer Awareness Program, we work closely with local hospitals, clinics and medical centers each year to provide free head and neck cancer screenings for community members in hundreds of locations throughout the US and abroad. 

Why We Do It

The goal of this initiative is to encourage adults who are at high risk for head and neck cancer to take advantage of the nationwide and international free screenings. A key message of the campaign is that early diagnosis is key to successful treatment of these types of cancers.

2024 Awareness Month

Free screenings occur all over the US and abroad any time during the year. However, in April we celebrate Head & Neck Cancer Awareness Month, which promotes a high volume of free screenings all over the world, plus educational talks and other awareness programs.

How to Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved. If you are a patient, caregiver or someone affected by head and neck cancer and are interested in educating others about this disease, please talk to your doctor, a local dental clinic or medical institution about the importance of early detection. Once you have a medical clinic or institution interested in joining this cause, sign up is easy. Just click the button below!

If you want to find a screening site near you, or participate in head and neck cancer awareness events in your region, please go to Screening Locations. There, you can search for events and screenings in your area.

Other events to support head and neck cancer awareness include:

  • runs/walks
  • survivor workshops
  • basketball/golf/tennis tournaments
  • silent auctions and galas
  • and more…