Treatment for oral, head and neck cancers can be financially demanding as well as physically and emotionally.

There are many organizations throughout the country, however, that work to help solve some of these financial issues for patients and their families. Here is a list of resources dedicated to helping with these disease-related financial burdens.

Head and Neck Cancer Alliance – Gas Card Program

The Head and Neck Cancer Alliance is proud to announce that we offer a limited supply of BP and Exxon gas cards in the amount of $50.00 to head and neck cancer patients in need. This patient assistance is made possible by two private donors to whom we are greatly indebted. If you need assistance, please contact us at (866) 792-HNCA (4622).

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A national non-profit organization that provides free professional support services to anyone affected by cancer: people with cancer, caregivers, children, loved ones, and the bereaved.

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Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition

CFAC is a coalition of financial assistance organizations joining forces to help cancer patients experience better health and well-being by limiting financial challenges

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Cancer Patient Support Program

A free, comprehensive, support service program designed to assist cancer patients in Vermont and upstate New York, and their families.

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Cleaning For A Reason Foundation

This non-profit offers free professional housecleaning, and maid services to improve the lives of women undergoing treatment for cancer – any type of cancer.

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Corporate Angel Network

Their sole mission is to help cancer patients access the best possible treatment for their specific type of cancer by arranging free travel to treatment across the country using empty seats on corporate jets.

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Is a free and confidential cancer clinical trial matching and referral service.

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Patient Advocate Foundation

Solving insurance and healthcare access problems.

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The HealthWell Foundation

The HealthWell Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization that helps individuals afford prescription medications they are taking for specific illnesses.

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Government and Pharmaceutical Assistance

Government healthcare programs also provide financial assistance for cancer patients. Some, like the Social Security Administration and the US Department of Health and Human Service, offer help in the form of entitlements primarily for low-income households, the elderly and the disabled.

Social Security and Disability Resource Center
The Social Security and Disability Resource Center ( is an informational website that provides answers to questions about how to apply for disability, how to appeal a claim in the event of a denial, how to navigate the federal system, and how to avoid certain mistakes that are commonly made by applicants. The site’s author is a former disability examiner for the social security administration. For information about the disability application process, click here.

Pharmaceutical companies and drug manufacturers can also help with insurance reimbursement, referrals to co-pay relief programs, applying and providing discounted or free medications for patients who are not eligible for other assistance.

Contact the Partnership for Prescription Assistance for more information about which drug manufacturers have the medication you need and what they can do to help.