The Head and Neck and Cancer Alliance in conjunction with the American Head and Neck Society hosted our first 2022 webinar, “Mind and Body Therapies for Head and Neck Cancer Patients and Survivors” on January 20, 2022 at 4 PM ET. This webinar is an introduction to mind-body medicine and the role yoga and clinical hypnosis can play in alleviating side effects in cancer care and beyond and was moderated by Vilija Vaitaitis, MD and featured medical experts, Rupa Mahadevan, MD, FAAP, ABOIM, Sonia Gupte, MD, CHt, CRT, and Megan Filer, RD, LDN.

Here's a downloadable flyer for the upcoming webinar.

Presented  by:

Head and Neck Cancer Alliance
American Head and Neck Society

Moderator: Vilija Vaitaitis, MD
Medical Presenter: Dr. Sonia Gupte, CHt, CRT
Medical Presenter: Rupa Mahadevan, MD, FAAP, ABOIM
Medical Presenter: Megan Filer, RD, LDN


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