Spiced Orange Granita

  • 1 cup fresh-squeezed orange juice
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 tbsp of honey
  • ½ tsp of orange zest
  • ½ tsp of freshly grated ginger
  • 1/8 tsp of cayenne pepper
Cooking Steps:
  1. In a small sauce pan on low heat combine orange juice and water. Add honey, orange zest, ginger and cayenne pepper. Gently heat for 5-6 minutes. Transfer liquid to a shallow freezer-safe container. Freeze for one hour, then using a fork agitate the mixture to prevent it from freezing as a block. Do this every hour until desired consistency is reached.

Recipe note from the recipe creator, Shannon Hamilton:

“This recipe was created to be both healthy and tasteful. It is simple to make and is packed with vitamin C and antioxidants from its fresh fruit ingredients. The capsaicin found in the cayenne pepper has been found to help alleviate pain where applied. The recipe was designed to have a cool citrus taste with a subtle zing from the ginger and cayenne and sweet honey to even it out.

As a registered nurse I have had the opportunity to care for cancer patients and see a glimpse into their dietary world. During treatment, the taste can be significantly altered. I understand that simple remedies can be very effective in helping an upset stomach and with the oral discomfort associated with cancer.”

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