Butternut Squash and Pear Soup


1 Butternut Squash or at least 20oz of cleaned and cut squash
1-2 Pears depending on how “sweet” you want it
32oz container of vegetable broth (may not need it all)
Coconut Oil Spray


1. Poke holes in skin of butternut squash and microwave for 5 minutes to soften the skin.
2. Remove skin. Cut squash in half and remove seeds from the inside, then cut into cubes.
3. Peel and cube the pear(s).
4. Place butternut squash and pear in a baking dish, spray with coconut oil spray to cover, and bake covered with foil for 25 minutes.
5. Place roasted butternut squash and pear in a stock pot and add vegetable broth to cover squash/pear mixture.
6. Bring to a boil, cover and simmer for approximately 15 minutes.
7. Add all items to blender, a little at a time. Blend until smooth. (Tip: Remove small cover on the top of blender to vent and cover hole with a towel to prevent splashing. Remember it will be hot!)
8. Enjoy!

Recipe submitted by Michele Hubert, Cheektowaga, NY, USA

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