July 2016 Wrap-Up

Each day, I learn more about the strength and sorrow of oral, head and neck cancer patients and their caregivers. I also acquire a better understanding of the science of cancer, treatment of cancer, possible causes of cancer and the prevention of cancer.

Today, as a society, we are also faced with addressing a new population of oral, head and neck cancer patients. In the past, these cancer patients were older adults and avid smokers. However, more and more younger adults, between the ages of 30-55, are now being diagnosed with HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer.

As I learn more about the topics above, I become increasingly encouraged about Immunotherapy and new targeted therapies being developed to address these cancers. Starting with this newsletter and the next many months on our website, headandneck.org, HNCA will provide an educational series on Immunotherapy to better educate the oral, head and neck cancer community on what it is and what it isn’t, clinical trials, potential future therapies and access to these treatments.

Due to the hard work of many volunteers and the support of corporate partners, the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance (HNCA) is expanding our programs. Our goal is to become a one-stop-shop for patients, loved ones and family members seeking information on oral, head and neck cancers worldwide, and we are taking steps to achieve this goal.

Each and every day, HNCA dedicates itself to advancing prevention, early detection, treatment and rehabilitation of oral, head and neck cancer through public awareness, research, advocacy and survivorship.

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I believe that my success as a cancer patient is first due to the process of recognition on a basic level, that something in my body was not the same as it was and I was worse off.Jessica Tar
National Spokesperson for HNCA & squamous cell carcinoma survivor

Thank You to Our Corporate and Community Partners