HNCA Stands in Solidarity with the Asian American Community Against Racism

The Head & Neck Cancer Alliance grieves the recent deaths of the eight people killed in Atlanta. We join our colleagues across the nation to stand in solidarity against anti-Asian racism. While racism targeted against Asians and Asian Americans is not new to our country, the rising surge of violence and the recent hate crimes result are deeply concerning and something that we will actively raise our voices against. As advocates for head and neck cancer patients, we resolve to work against the pervasive racism that undergirds health disparities and that creates a climate of fear for people in their everyday lives.

For Anti-Asian violence resources, please visit: Anti-Asian Violence Resources (

To read the American Society Statement on Anti-Asian Racist Rhetoric, visit: Press Releases (

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Watching someone you love battle cancer is scary and heartbreaking… After three weeks of treatment, his voice was gone, and his throat was too sore to talk on the phone. Not being able to see him or talk to him while he was going through treatment was excruciating.Julie Bockoff
Patient Caregiver of Stage IV Tonsil Cancer Patient

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