Giving Tuesday, November 28th

Dear Friends,

Donate Today for a Healthy Tomorrow.
#GivingTuesday, November 28th

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection. A time of offering our gratitude for life’s bounty, our health, loved ones, friends and so much more.

As we join our family and friends in this season of giving, please remember those who continue to struggle as they face treatments for head and neck cancer.

Each year, more than 115,000 in the United States alone, are diagnosed with head and neck cancer. Each day the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance works to provide meaningful educational programs, advocacy initiatives and to support research, in an effort to save lives.

Your contribution on #GivingTuesday to HNCA, will make a significant difference to a cancer patient. Honor a head and neck cancer survivor, patient and/or clinician with your gift.

Set aside $25, $50 or even more from your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping for HNCA’s #GivingTuesday Campaign: Donate Today For A Healthy Tomorrow. Your gift, no matter the amount, will go towards helping cancer patients and survivors through programs such as the HNCA Gas Card Program.

Please be sure to share this email with your friends and family to further promote HNCA and our #GivingTuesday Campaign: Donate Today For A Healthy Tomorrow.

Give So Others May Live. Donate Today to the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance to support our research, education and advocacy.

1-866-792-HNCA (4622)

I believe that my success as a cancer patient is first due to the process of recognition on a basic level, that something in my body was not the same as it was and I was worse off.Jessica Tar
National Spokesperson for HNCA & squamous cell carcinoma survivor

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