Family and Friends Pays Tribute to Beloved Husband by Joining Him in His Last Round of Golf

With only a month to plan a charity golf event and diagnosed with terminal cancer, Jeff Park and his loved ones successfully hosted a golf tournament in early December 2016, raising an estimated $14,000 with the proceeds donated to the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance (HNCA).

Laura, Jeff’s wife, wanted him to have one more chance to play his cherished golf game before he became too ill. She and Jeff collaborated with all of their close friends and quickly organized a fundraising golf tournament.

Within weeks, they were able to recruit 94 golfers and 25 volunteers to participate in the Inaugural Jeff Park Heads Up Golf Tournament, held at the Forest Lake Golf Club in Apopka, Florida.

Jeff, known for his selfless nature, chose as one his final efforts to dedicate his precious days to raise awareness and needed funding for cancer research. He hoped by doing so, that he played a role in alleviating future suffering of others. He was always passionate about research, education and screenings for oral, head and neck cancers. Jeff also advocated for screenings in the hopes that it would save more lives.

Jeff experienced four recurrences with oral, head and neck cancers. First diagnosed in 2011, at age 39, with HPV-related tongue cancer, he eventually underwent radical surgery to remove his tongue. By late 2016, he was terminal with cancer spreading throughout his neck, throat and jaw.

On February 5, 2017, Jeff peacefully passed away. His passion for golf, love of family and contributions to raising awareness, supporting research and advocating for early screening will always be remembered.

The Head and Neck Cancer Alliance pays tribute to Jeff, the entire Park family and friends for their generosity and desire to support HNCA.

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As a decade-long survivor of stage IV tongue cancer and Founder of WesternOhio Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Support, Hank refers to head and neck cancer as an “orphan” cancer: “Very little is known about head and neck cancer, and comparatively, it receives less attention than other cancers. HNCA is working to change this.Hank Deneski
Survivor of Stage IV tongue cancer and Founder of WesternOhio Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Support

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