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THANK YOU for your passion and interest to set up a screening event!  The first step is to register your site.  If you haven't already done so, click on Screening Site Sign Up.

Below are links to various documents that will help you get started.  As we move closer to the event, we will be adding new documents in this area to help you with Advertising, Public Relations, Soliciting Volunteers, and Forms to be used for your screening event.

You may want to add this page to your Favorites so you can check back with us periodically for new documents as we add them.

Getting Started

      PowerPoint Presentation - How to get started

      Screening Event - Things to Consider

      Head and Neck Cancer Screening App on iTunes

      Screening Job Descriptions

Press Kit for 2015

      Fact Sheet

      Press Release - Local  (Ten minutes that could save your life)

      Press Release - Local with National Spokesperson

      Publicity Guide 

Screening Documents For Your Event

      Patient Screening Form - English (PDF)

      Patient Screening Form - English (Word)

      Patient Screening Form - Spanish

      Screening Event Results - Reporting final numbers

      Screening Event Results - Paper form for final numbers

      Speaker Memo and Guidelines

Sample Documents for Large Events

      Screening Overview

      Screening Timeline

      Screening Supply List

      Volunteer Schedule Template

School Forms and Documents

      Invite Letter for School Talk

      Confirmation Letter for School Talk

      Media Advisory for School Talk

      PowerPoint Presentation - School Talk (Contains graphic photos)

Government Forms

      Proclamation Letter to Government Official

      Proclamation Form for Government Official

Other Event Kit Materials

      Event Poster

      Event Rack Card

      Event Brochure      

      Educational and Self-Exam Guide



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